Our objective is to build a chain of suppliers that focusses on maximizing value to the ultimate
customer. We put all efforts to establish ourselves as a reliable partner in the world of trading
through personalised service, ensuring the right quality of products and delivering at very competitive

Blue Ocean Steels predominately trades in specialty steel (alloy) long products such as bars, wire rod and drawn wire.
The bars can be heat treated and hot rolled, forged or cold finished such as rough turned, peeled and
polished, cold drawn or ground. The steel grades we trade in range from Carbon, Alloy, and Tool; High
Speed to Stainless Steels.

Our strategy is to work with steel producers around the world, or their affiliated sale channels, and sell
to end users, distributors, service centers and stockists. We keep very low overheads and compete
through good financing, flexibility and quickness.

We only work with first class, high quality steel mills around the world.

Our services include:
• Sourcing of steel products and raw materials
• Marketing and selling of steel products and raw materials
• Claims handling
• Logistics management
• Banking services
• After sales support

Blue Ocean Steels is fully committed to the principles of good corporate governance and the application of the highest
ethical standards in the conduct of its business. The Group complies, in all material respects, with the
principles incorporated in the corporate governance standards in the countries in which it operates.

Directors and employees are required to maintain the highest ethical standards, ensuring that business
practices are conducted in a manner that, in all reasonable circumstances, is beyond reproach. In this
respect the Group and its subsidiaries have adopted a Corporate Code of Conduct which has been
approved by the Board of Directors. The Group is committed to providing equal opportunities to all its
employees regardless of their ethnic origins or gender.

The Board includes directors from GA Steels and industry across the world. The selection of directors is
based on their business acumen and skills. The Group follows a decentralized approach with regard to
the day-to-day running of its business.

Knowledge: Through our extensive experience of markets and a strong network of partners with whom
we work, we possess the crucial knowledge needed in our industry.

Personalization: Whether you are a producer, processor or stockist, we treat each request
independently to better find the answer to your specific needs.

Competitiveness: From order to delivery, Blue Ocean Steels works on a tight schedule. Since the beginning, flexibility
and competitiveness are at the center of our values.

Relations: We treat each party with whom we work with the utmost respect and with the aim of
creating long lasting relationships based on mutual trust.